Future of Food – Roast Chestnuts

[yumprint-recipe id=’1′]Chestnuts represent the nutritional equivalent to corn and the starch profile of rice, and yet they grow on trees. All the food items that corn is used as the backbone for, can be made using Chestnuts, but Chestnuts are (1) perennial, (2) do not require tillage, and (3) help fight climate change. We grow Chinese Chestnuts as they are immune to the American Chestnut blight. Depending on the species they can grow into a 100′ tree, can be managed as a coppice, a grove, planted in rows with other plants cropped in the alleys.

The Beginning of a New Chapter

The Cooperative at Dawn Farm grew from Dawn Farm’s desire to better utilize their 60 acres in Ypsilanti township through a program that encourages collaboration from local individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Dawn Farm is currently the home of chickens, pigs, etc……

We hope to establish a fully functional eco-system that dovetails with Dawn Farm’s mission while supporting the larger community of Ypsilanti.